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Water Analyzer
Coulomb Titrator, Titrator Water Analyzer RAY-CT5

Product Description
LCD touch screen, English operation interface and modular design
It can store titration curve and data.
It has RS-232 bi-directional port and has power failure protection function.
It can be connected with TP-16, TP-24 andTP-40 printer. Also, it can print measuring data, titration curve and calculation results.
It uses specific titration software to achieve replacement of control device by computer, to display titration curve and measuring data online. Also, It functions as titration modes editing, calculation, storage of titration curve, database dealing and statistics.

Measuring range mV: (-1999.9~1999.9)mV
Electrolyte current: 1, 10, 50mA
Electrolyte current error range: ± 0.25%(reading) (the maximum load is 500Ω )
The repeatability of titration analysis: ≤ 0.5%(the minimum is 3s)
Power: AC (220± 22)V, (50± 1)Hz
Dimension(mm): 360× 300× 300
Weight: 10kg

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