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Water Analyzer
Karl-Fisher Micromoisture Analyzer RAY-411

Product Description

Major application scope
RAY-411 moisture analyzer is a kind of moisture analyzer which is used to measure moisture in
Liquid. The analyzer adopts Karl-Fisher reagent (K-F reagent) and Coulometry method to produce
Iodine with electricity and titrate moisture. It is also the method of polarized potential indication.
The analyzer is composed of main unit, electrolysis cup and JB-1A stirrer.
K-F moisture measuring method is an acknowledged typical method with high accuracy and
Reliability. Compared with weight loss method to measure moisture, K-F method is more suitable
To those samples, especially oil products which will suffer weight loss when heated. Generally K-F
Volumetric titration method requires the whole system is separated with moisture in the
Atmosphere, and it needs reagents for calibration. The coulometric method of K-F titration
Analysis can overcome the above disadvantages of K-F capacity titration method. With regard to
Some solid samples you can extract organic dissolvant (For example: Alcohol) to measure it.
The analyzer is widely used in moisture analysis of petro-chemistry, pharmacy, food, light
Industry and mechanical department.
Notes: The analyzer can not measure the substance which will react with iodine.
1.2 Major features
A) It can measure 10μ G~20mg moisture.
B) The reagent is a new kind of K-F reagent which is of low poison, low pollution and can be
Repeatedly used.
C) The reagents don't need to calibrate concentration.
D) It has drift termination control function. It can automatically distinguish drifting phenomenon
Resulted from moisture leakage.
E) It has a highly accurate measuring result and has a good repeatability.
F) Its operation is simple and is highly automatic.
1.3 Normal working condition
Since moisture exist widely in great nature. The analyzer is highly sensitive so the moisture in the
Atmosphere has a great interference to the analyzer. To guarantee the accuracy, operators should
Have good operating skills. Besides, the analyzer should possess the following conditions:
A) Environment temperature: (5~35)º C;
B) Relative humidity: <85%;
C) Power supply: AC(220± 22)V, Frequency (50± 1)Hz;
D) There's no corrosive air nearby.
E) There's no vibration nearby.
F) There's no magnetic interference except earth magnetism.
1.4 Major specifications
1.4. 1 Measuring range: 10μ G~20mg
1.4. 2 Electrolysis current can be divided into six levels: 1mA, 10mA, 20mA, 50mA, 100mA,
1.4. 3 Polarized current error: ± 0.2μ A
1.4. 4 Electrolysis current basic error: ± 5%(readings)
1.4. 5 value error: ± (5%inspection point+3)μ G.
1.4. 6 repeatability: <=3%.

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