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Blood Gas Analyzer
Blood Gas Analyzer RAY-31
Product introduction
Blood Gas Analyzer RAY-31
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Product introduction


1. Measurement items: pH,   PCO2, PO2, Na +, K +, CL-, Ca2 +

2. Calculation   parameters: pH (TC), PCO2 (TC), PO2 (TC), HCO3, SBC, BE, BEect, TCO2, sO2%,   P50, A-aDO2, Rl, TCa, nCa, SO2 measurement items and calculation parameters

3. calibration method:   automatic liquid calibration, without cylinder gas calibration

4. Electrode measurement method: adopt   maintenance-free microelectrode technology, block electrode for blood gas   project, and solid-state ion-selective electrode for electrolyte project

5. Sample entry method:   full automatic sample entry, with fully automatic cleaning function,   automatic detection and exclusion of small air bubbles and microblood clots

6. Channel selection:   All instrument detection items can be closed or opened, and the detection   items can be selected

7. Operation interface: 8-inch TFT full   Chinese color LCD touch screen, graphical operating system

8. Specification and validity of kit:   30,50,100,100,150 and 200 parts of the kit is stored for 1 year at room   temperature, and the validity period is up to 45 days after opening the   package

9. Sample size: 150uL of   whole blood

10. Detection time: 60   seconds

11. Selection of sampler:   can connect syringe and vessel collection, no adapter

12. calibration interval:   the calibration interval can be adjusted according to the requirements of the   laboratory, with the maximum interval up to 4 hours

13. It can be detected in   various clinical samples, including arterial blood, venous blood, serum,   plasma, dialysate, cerebrospinal fluid, urine and other clinical samples

14. It has the function   of intelligent trend analysis of sample test results, which can graphically   show the change trend of the patient's individual test results and the   correlation change trend of multiple test results

15. Data management:   RS232 interface, software management system, and networking function

16. Memory: The host can automatically store 10000 historical information or through the computer

17. Environmental   temperature: + 15℃ ~ + 30℃, relative humidity: 85%

18. Power supply: wide power supply design: 100V-240V, 47Hz-63Hz

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Address:22F,No.15,Lane 33,Rd Zhongtan,Putuo District,Shanghai,China,200061.
Phone:0086 13391320338

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