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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Nmr-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance RAY-NMR100
Product introduction
Nmr-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance RAY-NMR100
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Product introduction

Product Description

NMR Analyzer
Based on high-performance spectrometer NmdigI and two-box design, RAY-NMR100 NMR Analyzer was launched in 2008. Being widely used in food, agriculture, biomedical, petrochemical, chemical fiber, polymer, and building material, etc. by virtue of its high accuracy, good repeatability, and high stability, it meets the demands of both quality control & assurance and R&D work in the above fields. Besides, NMR method has many advantages such as being fast, easy to use, green and pollution-free, harmless to people and environment, minimal sample preparation and chemical reagent, non-destructive.

Magnet type: permanent magnet; Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.05T;
Magnetic field uniformity: 30ppm (25mm×25mm×35mm);
Magnetic field stability: <200Hz/Hour;
Magnet temperature control: dual system of nonlinear precise temperature control, temperature tunable from 25ºC to 35ºC; temperature control accuracy ±0.02ºC;
RF field: pulse frequency: 2~30MHz; frequency control accuracy: 0.1Hz;
RF power amplifier: peak-to-peak value > 300W, linear distortion < 0.3%;
Signal sending and receiving mode: digital quadrature detection;
Receiver gain > 54dB; maximum bandwidth > 300KHz;
Probe caliber: 25mm;
Effective sample detection area: Ø25.4mm×H35mm;
Maximum echo peak number is 18,000; minimum echo time is 200us;
Based on PCI bus industrial control computer platform, dual-core CPU, 2G DDR memory, 500G hard disk, DVD_R/W CD-ROM.
Work Conditions
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
Work temperature: 22~28°C
Environment humidity: 30~70%
Size (L, W, H) 
Magnet box: 400 × 500 × 630 mm3
Spectrometer: 425 × 177 × 480 mm3

Two-box design saves a lot of space and provides comfortable operation;
Self-innovation spectrometer NmdigI ensures high stability and powerful functions;
Professional ICC(Industrial Control Computer) ensures high speed, high anti-interference ability, and high stability;
Non-destructiveness: Excitation pulse with dozens of MHz electromagnetic waves does no harm to samples, providing a safe and fast method for simultaneous oil and moisture measurement;
Optimal big magnet ensures stable, reliable and repeatable test result;
Probe coil with Ø25mm large diameter ensures large effective detection area and reduces error caused by individual difference;
Automatic and manual calibration of pulse length (90 and 180 pulse);
Maximum echo peak number larger than 18,000; minimum echo time less than 200us; available to measure relaxation time in the range of 80us to 14s;
Powerful multi-exponent fitting and inversion software can be used in relaxation time(T1(longitudinal relaxation time) and T2(transverse relaxation time)) analysis.
Software based on Windows xp operation system provides convenient guide for scanning and data processing, and it can be quickly jointed with Excel; Large-capacity database realizes classification, comparison, calculation of data;
Customizable hardware and software to meet your demands.


Product model: RAY-NMR100
Product name: NMR Analyzer
1.HardwareSerial NumberComponentQuantity
(1)Magnet unit0001 1002 0010Magnet unit box (vertical)1
0001 1002 0020Magnet1
(2)Control cabinetRF unit0001 1000 0010RF unit box1
0001 1000 0020Preamplifier1
0001 1000 0030RF power amplifier1
Spectrometer unit
(including ICC)
0001 1003 0010Industrial control computer1
0001 1003 0020Pulse sequence generator (PSG)1
0001 1003 0030Direct digital frequency Synthesis (DDS)1
0001 1003 0050Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)1
Power supply unit0001 1000 0040Magnet temperature control1
0001 1000 0050Heating system1
0001 1000 0060Power supply system1
(3)Probe coil0001 1005 001025mm probe coil1
2.SoftwareSerial NumberComponentQuantity
(1)NMR Analyzing Software0006 2002 0010NMR Analyzing Software1
3.AccessorySerial NumberComponentQuantity
(1)Accessory0001 3000 0030software CD1
0001 3000 0040Debugging toolsSpecial tools1
50Ω terminal1
BND adapter assembly1
Testing line2
0001 3000 0050Fuse5
0001 3000 002025mm test tube10
0001 3000 002025mm test tube stand1
(2)Computer peripherals0001 3000 006017-inch LCD display1
0001 3000 0070Mouse, keyboard1
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