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Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer RAY-TOC1000
Product introduction
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer RAY-TOC1000
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Product introduction


RAY-TOC1000 TOC analyzer is a patented product developed independently, it can detect total organic carbon (TOC) contain in the testing water, by calculating it from total inorganic carbon (TIC) and total carbon (TC). RAY-TOC1000 analyzer operation principle is to oxidize microorganism by UV lamp and convert organic stuff into carbon dioxide. Then TOC analyzer adopts direct conductance method to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide and report. During testing procedure, TC and TIC are detected and TOC is equal to TC- TIC (TOC = TC-TIC).



1. Power supply: 220V

2. Mains frequency: 50Hz

3. Rated output: 100W

4. Dimension: 44CM*18CM*26CM

5. Measuring limit: 0.001mg/L

6. Measuring precision: 5%

7. Measuring range: 0.001mg/L ~ 1.000mg/L

8. Analyze time: 4min

9. Response time: within 15 min

10. Sample temperature: 1-95%

11. Sample speed inside: 0.5ml/min

12. Relative humidity: 85%

13. Repeatability error: 3%  

14. Zero drift: 5%

15. Range drift: 5%

16. Linearity: 5%


1. Low consumption.

2. Operate simply and fast.

3. Professional design for high pure water test, monitor on line.

4. Memory the last six months' record automatically, able to look up the record for everyday and print the test result.

5. The test speed is fast and the time of washing piping is short.

6. Small, light, low energy consumption and easy to move.

7. Designed with buzzer alarm for upper limit.

8. Easy to test according to USP and CP.

9. Large 320*234 color screen and personalized interface.

10. RS232 digital interface and micro-printer interface.



Deionization pure water, purified water in pharmaceutical industry, water for injection and pharmacy and biochemistry.

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Address:22F,No.15,Lane 33,Rd Zhongtan,Putuo District,Shanghai,China,200061.
Phone:0086 13391320338

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