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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Nmr-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance RAY-NMR12M
Product introduction
Nmr-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance RAY-NMR12M
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Product introduction

Product Introduction
RAY-NMR12M 12MHz NMR analyzer is well designed for different characteristics when the sample is tested to provide you with the most professional and best match analytical solutions.
RAY-NMR12M 12MHz NMR analyzer is the world's advanced level benchtop NMR analyzer using a compact body design.it has many advantages as below: high accuracy, good repeatability, instrument performance, high cost-effective, objective and true measurement results.
12MHz NMR analyzer:
Oil/moisture analysis of larger size materials
Magnet type: permanent magnet; Magnetic field intensity: 0.28±0.05T;
Magnetic field uniformity: 300ppm (25mm×25mm×35mm);
Magnetic field stability: <300Hz/Hour;
Magnet temperature control: dual system of nonlinear precise temperature control, temperature tunable from 25ºC- 35ºC; temperature control accuracy ±0.02ºC;
RF field: pulse frequency: 2~30MHz; frequency control accuracy: 0.1Hz;
RF power amplifier: peak-to-peak value > 300W;
Maximum bandwidth: 300KHz;
Probe caliber: 25mm (standard configuration);
Effective sample detection area: Ø25mm×H35mm (standard configuration);
Maximum echo peak number is 18,000; minimum echo time is 60us;
Based on PCI bus industrial control computer platform, dual-core CPU, 4G DDR memory, 500G hard disk, DVD_R/W CD-ROM.
Work Conditions
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
Work temperature: 22~28°C
Environment humidity: 30~70%
Size (L, W, H): 1685mm×520mm×386mm
Weight: 85Kg(Magnet box 25Kg, Spectrometer 25Kg, RF unit 35Kg )


RAY-NMR12M12MHz NMR Analyzer
Standard configuration
(1)Magnet unitMagnet unit box1
(2)RF unitRF unit box1
RF power amplifier1
Magnet temperature control1
Heating system1
Power supply system1
(3)Spectrometer unit
 (including ICC)
Industrial control computer1
Clock controller (CLK)1
Pulse sequence generator (PSG)1
Direct digital frequency Synthesis (DDS)1
Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)1
(3)Probe coilØ 25mm1
(1) General softwareNMR Analyzing System1
(1)AccessoryNiumag software CD1
Debugging toolsSpecial tools1
50Ω terminal1
BND adapter assembly1
Testing line2
Ø 25mm test tube10
Ø 25mm test tube stand1
(2)Computer peripheralsLCD display1
Mouse, keyboard1
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Address:22F,No.15,Lane 33,Rd Zhongtan,Putuo District,Shanghai,China,200061.
Phone:0086 13391320338

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