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FTIR Spectrophotometer
Product introduction
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Product introduction

ALPHA-P FT-IR Spectrometer with universal sampling module

The ALPHA is the ideal FT-IR Spectrometer for your basic infrared analysis. It enables quick, easy and reliable FT-IR analysis. The ALPHA is extremely small footprint enables it to be used in almost any laboratory environment saving valuable space. While small, the Alpha does not

sacrifice performance.The ALPHA uses Bruker Optics patented permanently aligned RockSolidTM interferometer to deliver excellent sensitivity as well as x-axis reproducibility and stability. Spectrometer components are continually monitored to ensure quality spectra, allowing methods to be transferred from system to system seamlessly for future cost savings on method development. Consumables are also designed to be customer


System Specifications:

Spectral range : 7,500 - 370 cm-1

Resolution : Better than 2 cm-1 (Option: better than 0.9 cm-1)Signal-to-Noise : Higher than 20,000:1 (P-P value, in 1 minute);

Higher than 120,000:1 (RMS value, in 1 minute)

(Between 2200-2100cm-1 at resolution of 4cm-1 with DLaTGS detector)

Wavenumber accuracy: Better than 0.01 cm-1

Optical system

Interferometer: Permanently aligned Rock-SolidTM interferometer, 300 high throughput low polarization design, gold mirrors, highly stability,proprietary system with mechanical, frictionless bearing.

Source: MIR Ceramic Source, Air-cooled, user replaceable.

Beamsplitter: KBr on Ge Beamsplitter .

Sample Moudules: QuickSnapTM sampling modules with automatic recognition, easy exchange, performance test and automatic load of measurement parameter Electronics

Automation: Microprocessor controlled optical bench, DSP control,automatic gain selection, and dynamic resolution enhancement, advanced system check. Remote control of beam exit ports, calibration filter

A/D converter: 24 bit A/D converter, Delta Sigma

Validation:Automated instrument tests, integrated polystyrene standard

PerformanceGuard: Continuous monitoring of spectrometer components,system performance and humidity

Ethernet connection, TCP/IP protocol


DLATGS with KBr window (12,500~350cm-1) Temperature stabilized DigiTectTM detector system, high sensitivity.


OPUS/Mentor Analytical software under Windows XP, with An intelligent assistant always suggests the next step during your measurement process


> OPUS Wizard

(Assistant guides you step-by-step through all steps of FT-IR analysis)

> Multimedia FT-IR tutorial

> Measurement

> Data pre-processing routines

> Quick Compare spectra

> Spectra interpretation tool

> Starter library

> Search spectra in a library

> Create your own libraries

> QUANT (Lambert-Beer's Law)

> Analyze peak areas and heights

> Run, create and edit macros

> Lab journal functionality

> Print layouts

> Easy data export

> Automated instrument test routines(OQ, PQ)

> Multi level user management, user log-in

> GMP/GLP compliance, Audit trail

> Help and Tutorials


QuickSnapTM Universal sampling module.The universal sampling module enables you to analyse all kind of

samples: solids, liquids and gases.The QuickSnapTM sampling modules offer complete sampling flexibility,

easily exchanged without the use of tools and all sampling modules are automatically recognized by the ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer.


Standard FT-IR Sampling Kit for Solids and Liquid.The kits can meet the routine analysis of solids and liquids in



A、Liquid Sample Tools

1. Omni-Cell Body With Mount

2. Spacers PTFE rectangular (pkt 10)

3. KBr windows rectangular (Drilled)

4. KBr windows rectangular (Plain)

5. KBr windows 25mm dia. (2pair)

6. Spacers PTFE circular 0.10mm (pkt of 5)

B、Solid Sample Tools

7. Bottle of Nujol (25ml)

8. Bottle of Fluorolube (25ml)

9. Magnetic Film holder (25mm diameter )

10. KBr powder (2x 50g)

11. Stainless steel micro spatula

12. Pestle and Mortar (4cm diameter bowl)

C、Other Tools

14. Luer Syringe (2ml volume)

15. 20 Specacards 10mm dia.

16.Carry case

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