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FTIR Spectrophotometer
Product introduction
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Product introduction
ALPHA II - Platinum FT-IR Spectrometer

with Platinum Diamond-ATR QuickSnap Sampling Module

ALPHA II is a very compact FT-IR spectrometer for quick, easy and reliable IR-analysis. The design of its hard- and software is highly integrated for an intuitive and comfortable operation. All spectrometer components are built for continuous availability and a long life time. Bruker’s permanently aligned RockSolid interferometer and the reliable diode laser guarantee an accurate and precise data acquisition. Due to the CenterGlow IR-source technology and a temperature controlled DTGS detector the ALPHA II provides a constantly high performance, independent from ambient temperature and for many years. The need for maintenance is minimized and running costs are kept very low due to the long life time of the relevant components like interferometer, IR-source  and laser.


The ALPHA II - Platinum includes the Platinum-ATR Universal sampling module that facilitates the analysis of virtually any liquid and solid sample, independent from its shape and composition. For most samples the measurement is performed without sample preparation and without the need of any consumables. To record the IR-spectrum any sample just has to be brought into contact with the ATR measurement interface. Next to powders and films the universal high pressure clamp even allows the analysis of particularly hard specimen, like polymer pellets/ granules, and variably shaped parts. Measurement times are typically below 1 minute. The measurement interface of the ALPHA-Platinum is a diamond ATR crystal with a very high mechanical and chemical robustness. Therefore, the Platinum-ATR sampling module has a lifetime of >10 years.


A wide range of QuickSnap sampling modules is available for the ALPHA II, providing a perfectly matching measurement setup for a large variety of samples and applications. With the push of a button, the exchange of the sampling modules is performed quickly and easily. The PermaSure function automatically recognizes each change of the setup and performs a quick self-test ensuring a proper instrument performance. Suitable measurement settings for the used configuration are automatically loaded. The PerformanceGuard continuously monitors the spectrometer electronics as well as optical and mechanical components to permanently assure the correct functioning of the complete instrument.


OPUS provides the right software user interface for the most efficient FTIR-analysis. From the measurement via evaluation to the final analysis report the user is guided in few steps through the analytical workflow. Therefore, ALPHA II is easily operated even by spectroscopic inexperienced personnel.  Powerful but easy to use functions for verifying and identifying IR-spectra and performing quantitative analysis are included in the software.

The option to use the ALPHA II with the OPUS-TOUCH software on an integrated touch panel computer makes your daily routine analysis even more simple. Moreover, the footprint of the complete system is reduced to the one of a laptop.

The ALPHA II fulfills all requirements to be used according to the demands of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Further validation options are available allowing operation of the ALPHA II in full compliance to cGMP/GMP, US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia and 21 CFR Part11.


The included Bruker ATR-IR library "BPAD" is a helpful tool for identification of unknown material in daily routine analysis. The library includes a collection of mid-IR reference spectra of basic polymers and plastics.


System specifications:

- Compact ALPHA II FT-IR spectrometer with diamond-ATR measurement interface

- Robust metal housing

- Small footprint: 22x30cm (including sampling module)

- Weight: approx. 7kg

- Spectral range: 350-8,000cm-1 (ALPHA II base spectrometer)

- Spectral resolution: better than 2cm-1; option: better than 0.75cm-1

- RockSolid interferometer: gold mirrors, high throughput, permanent alignment, long life time >10 years

- Diode laser, high wavenumber accuracy and precison, long life time >10 years

- IR-Source: CenterGlow technology for continuously optimized light flux, long life-time > 5 years.

- Detector: DTGS, temperature-controlled, high stability against external temperature changes

- Sealed and desiccated optics

- Internal validation unit (IVU) with reference standards for automated instrument tests of every ALPHA II setup and every measurement mode

- Automated instrument tests for operational and performance qualification (OQ; PQ)

- Easy exchange of ALPHA QuickSnap sampling modules

- PermaSure: Automatic recognition and individual calibration of QuickSnap modules and ATR-crystal plates, automatic performance test and load of appropriate measurement parameters when changing the configuration

- PerformanceGuard: continuous monitoring of all spectrometer components, performance and humidity.

- Validated OPUS/IR software, prepared to work fully compliant to GLP and GMP regulations

- Software-wizard for IR-spectroscopic quality control. Guides the operator through the complete analysis procedure from measurement, via spectrum evaluation to the final generation of the report

- Platinum-ATR Universal QuickSnap sampling module with diamond ATR-crystal, single reflection, monolithic, edged in tungsten carbide, long life time >10years

- Work disk: stainless steel

- Spectral range: 350-8,000cm-1

- Slip clutch high pressure applicator

- Exchangeable pressure stamps; flat surface for powders, films and shaped parts, conical surface for pellets and granules

- Working distance (max. sample height) 20mm

- Perfect for analysis of large samples: approx. 350° free working area around crystal.

- Easy cleaning due to 360° rotation of pressure applicator



- BPAD BRUKER ATR Polymer Spectra Library, 234 spectra (of 117 polymers) recorded with diamond- and germanium-ATR technique.

- Desiccant

- Set of tools



- CS86-A+ Integrated touch panel computer with OPUS-TOUCH software. Allows performing the daily routine FTIR-analysis with just three touches for measurement, evaluation and report generation.

- W303/D-U Optical configuration for operation in regions with high humidity

- Wide range of additional spectral libraries for all kinds of materials, e.g. chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics

- OPUS/SEARCH software package for unlimited search functionality (e.g. mixture analysis, information search, set-up of spectra libraries)

- Installation by a qualified service engineer

- S9xxx Various service and maintenance contracts including re- validation services

- Validation manual and validation service for comprehensive system qualification according to GMP

- Software options for automated instrument qualification according to US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia and for 21 CFR Part11 compliance

- Training courses and customer specific application trainings available


Portability options:

- S201/D Carrying case for ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer

- S202/D Trolley for ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer or S202/DII Trolley for ALPHA II FT-IR spectrometer with integrated touch panel CS86-A+

- C295-W/D WLAN-Adaptation, for wireless operation of the ALPHA FT-IR



- Computer, recommended: CS86-A+ integrated touch panel computer, or

CS85/27+ MS Surface PC or CS81/25+ Data system, Ultra Slim desktop


OPUS/IR, FT-IR Spectroscopy Software Package version 8:

newest released OPUS version 8.x for this spectrometer type.


OPUS is integrated software for the acquisition, processing, evaluation and reporting of IR-spectroscopic data in laboratory and process environments and is compliant with cGMP/GLP/GAMP regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 and the FDA data integrity guideline.


OPUS is easy to use:

- Configurable user interface and access to executable functions

- Automatic consistency-test of measurement parameters

- Multi Tasking: Measurement and data manipulation/evaluation at the same time

- Step-by-step analysis assistant for quality control applications


OPUS delivers reliable measurement results in a short time:

- Single and repeated measurements

- Auto sampler support


OPUS provides versatile functionality for efficient data analysis:

1.) Interactive functions for comfortable data processing, such as

- Automated atmospheric correction for water vapor and CO2 in MIR without the need for reference spectra

- Normalization, baseline correction, derivative calculation and spectra subtraction

- Averaging of spectra

- Spectrum calculator


2.) Wide range of data evaluation methods for generation of clear results, e.g.:

- Single and multiple peak picking, interactive and automated modes

- Spectra comparison method for material verification

- Library search for material identification, User specific library set- up

- Free starter libraries

- Spectra interpretation tool

- Analyze peak areas and heights, quantitative analysis (Lambert-Beer's Law)

- Automated multi-step and multi-method evaluation of spectra (MultiEvaluation)

- Curve fit


3.) Easy-to-use tools for reporting and data exchange

- Analytical report generation with predefined print layouts, customizable

- Easy export of spectral data and evaluation results to other programs

- Option to store spectral data and evaluation results either in an internal or a user-defined database


OPUS is validated software and supports the validation of the spectrometer:

- Fully automated test routines for operational and performance qualification (OQ, PQ)

- Permanent instrument status indicator, online monitoring of system performance


OPUS is compliant with cGMP/GLP:

- Multi level user management, log-in with user name and password, separated administrative and measurement /evaluation functionality

- Audit trail (history log function) of system and user, spectra, measurement parameters and evaluation methods

- Data integrity mode (ALCOA principle) with protected data pool (OPUS/VALIDATION required)

- All data, incl. manipulation and evaluation results, stored in ONE file

- Electronic signature of spectra and methods; 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (OPUS/VALIDATION required)


OPUS supports user during daily routine work:

- Run, create and edit macros and VB scripts

- Automated execution of repeated actions via calendar

- Lab journal functionality

- Online help

- Multimedia FT-IR tutorial

This OPUS software package is included in the standard delivery of the spectrometer system.


Warranty Extension to 10 Years for Interferometer Covers parts and labour in case of interferometer defects.The warranty starts with delivery of the spectrometer.Valid for ALPHA spectrometers.


Warranty Extension to 10 Years for laser Covers parts and labour in case of laser defects.

The warranty starts with delivery of the spectrometer.Valid for ALPHA spectrometers.


Warranty Extension to 5 Years for MIR source Covers material costs in case of source defects.

The warranty starts with delivery of the spectrometer.


Warranty Extension to 10 Years for Platinum ATR A220/Dx or A225/Qx, with diamond ATR-crystal

Covers material and labor costs in case of potentially necessary repairs in the Bruker factory.

Defects resulting from improper operation are excluded from this.The warranty starts with the delivery of the accessory.


ntegrated touch panel pc for ALPHA II spectrometer

The multi touch panel pc for ALPHA II of industrial class permits the highest level of soft- and hardware integration. An elegant mount connects the touch computer interface and spectrometer to an intimate unit and fully integrates the cabling. The complete footprint of the ALPHA II IR-system is reduced to the one of a laptop.



- 10.1" WXGA (1,280x800) Color TFT LCD Display


- Robust Aluminum Housing

- P-CAP Multi-touch (2-point)

- Fan-less Operation

- IP65 Compliant Front Bezel

- Ports: Ethernet connector (RJ-45); USB 2.0 type A x 3; USB 3.0 type A x 1



- OPUS spectroscopic software, additional workstation license

- Wifi stick for USB port



- OPUS-TOUCH software



- C231-W Wireless keyboard and mouse

- C217-CS NAS smart cloud storage device

 (only available with order of spectrometer)


OPUS-TOUCH software

for intuitive and convenient IR-analysis in routine and R&D

Newest released version for this spectrometer type.



- State-of-the art touch controlled user interface

- Analysis assistant for most efficient material verification and identification

- Intuitive setting of spectroscopy parameters

- Support of time resolved measurement techniques (Rapid Scan, Step Scan)

- Spectrum viewer with data evaluation and data processing functions for in-depth IR-analysis

- Self-adapting analysis report generator

- Multiple language support

- File-archive with smart data filter option

- Management of user rights and electronic signatures

- Comprehensive spectrometer status control

- Powerful Macro Engine e.g. for user specific work flows and control of automated Bruker accessories

- Global audit trail and individual file history


With OPUS-TOUCH typical quality control and material verification applications are performed using a dedicated workflow that requires a minimal number of steps from sample measurement to analysis report. Advanced users have the option for performing a customized measurement with full flexibility. Also time resolved measurements by Rapid Scan and StepScan are supported.


The built-in spectra viewer offers the data evaluation and data processing functions which are needed for in-depth analysis of your IR-data. Materials are verified by the Quick Compare spectra comparison method that provides validated and unmistakable results. Spectrum search and mixture analysis using commercial or your own libraries identify any unknown sample. Components in complex materials are quantified by Lambert-Beer or Partial Least Squares calibrations. For spectrum characterization peak-picking can be applied on the original spectrum or it’s derivative, in case overlapping bands need to be separated. Further available data processing functions are reference-free atmospheric compensation, averaging and normalization. Base line correction and spectra subtraction can be performed automated or interactively.


All data, including manipulation and evaluation results, are stored in in the built-in data archive. A self-adapting analysis report generates a perfect overview about your evaluation results. Any measurement, data processing and evaluation, as well as administrative action is registered in a global audit trail.


OPUS-TOUCH provides an indicator that informs the user about the current overall system status. Detail info from the online diagnostics of all vital spectrometer components is shown in the device monitor. It also gives an overview about the validity of the spectrometer’s operational and performance qualification (OQ, PQ). If needed the fully automated instrument test routines are directly started.



- ALPHA, INVENIO or VERTEX spectrometer

- OPUS 8.2 or higher

- Touch panel computer, recommended

CS86-x touch panel pc for the spectrometer permitting highest level of soft- and hardware integration


Certain advanced measurement techniques, such as microscopy, and method development require the OPUS spectroscopy software for PC based data stations.

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